Thursday, April 14, 2011


Andrea is new and has completed several races this year! ONE TWO THREE FOUR
Angi created a family triathlon
Brooke did a 40 mile bike race!
Carly PRed at a 5K!! and did another race HERE and a 10 miler HERE
Caroline ran a 10k!!
Christy did a couple of races. Here and her first half marathon!
Christy ran a free 5k
Cristina ran an awesome 10k!
Darlene completed a 5 mile race.
Elizabeth ran a half
Erin thought Dallas RNR was uneventful!
Hannah finished another race for the challenge!
Jan ran the Iron Girl Clearwater 5k
Jill finished her 3rd half in 35 days!
Jill had a couple of races to catch up on!
JoAnn completed the Urban Assault with her husband!
Kayla ran an 8k
Kelly ran in the Bunny Dash 5k!
Kerri ran a fun, low key lil' shin-dig in the heart of Wisconsin's dairy-land
Kim ran her 2nd ever half marathon!
Kim set a new PR at a half marathon
Kristen ran her first half marathon!!
Laura had a magical time!
Lauren ran a 10k!
Lucy did her best to Knock Out Cancer
Melie ran a 10k!
Melissa completed a race!
Melissa got a BQ!!!!!
Nancy made it a family affair in tutu's!
Pam completed another half!!
Ronda ran another half marathon ;)
Stefano completed another awesome race!
Stephanie completed a 10 mile race!
Tanya ran her 2nd half of the year and got a new PR!
Tara ran in the Knoxville Marathon
Valerie ran another half marathon!

It's been a fantastic couple of weeks racers!!! Keep up the great work! Please make sure when you email the links you put the exact blog link not just your main blog link. It will help save me tons of time! Appreciate all of you!!!