Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week 3 of the Challenge

Another great week of racing for our participants!!! We had new PR's, virtual races, first time marathoner's and even a Goofy challenge! One of the things I like best about these reports is that you can find different races you want to participant in the following year... so if you really like your race, make sure to tell us why.

About 50 of you have already completed your first race of the year!!! Congrats to those that have and Good Luck to those that are still training!

Abbi ran a 5 miler!
Cara ran a 5 miler!
Christy ran a 5k with her Mom!
Christy Ran a 5k for Children!
Holly ran the Goofy Challenge. Race 1 Race 2
Jane ran a virtual 5k
Jason ran an awesome 15k
Jenn ran her first FULL marathon!
Jill ran a 4 miler this past weekend!!
Jill ran a 5 miler on NYD in the snow!
Kadie Ran a 5k!
Karyn rang in the new year with a run!
Kim Ran a half and earned a new PR!!!
Laurie ran a trail race in the snow... check out the race shirt!
Lisa ran a 1/2 marathon in state 5 out of 50!
Melie ran a half marathon!
Nancy Ran a virtual 5 miler
Sophia PR'd her 10k time!
Victoria ran her very first marathon!!!!

Victoria and her bling from her first marathon!


Elizabeth said...

love it! and love seeing an old high school friend on the blog :) too bad neither of us ran back then!! congrats victoria!!!

Kelly said...

I'm loving these race reports! My first race this year isn't until March. But I have lots of inspiration between now and then!

Kim (Book Worm Runs) said...

Nice work everyone!!! Sooo many new blogs to check out!! :) Keep up the awesome job!!

The Running Peanut said...

Thanks, Elizabeth! :) Yep, definitely not a runner in high school - I got winded playing on the JVD (that would be D for developmental) soccer team freshman year!

Kate said...

Way to go, everyone!

Richelle said...

Great job everybody!

Wifey said...

Congrats, Everyone!

Winks & Smiles,