Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 4 - Challenge Report

Aimee - Ran a 15k and beat her previous PR by 12 minutes!
Ang - Ran a 5k and got 3rd place for her age group!  Awesome job!
Angi - Ran in a cookie race!  That's my kind of race!!!  ;-)
Angie and Randee - Ran a 15k around my favorite lake.
Danielle - Ran a 4 mile race.
Diana - Posted 2 race reports this week... Here and Here and Here
Hannah - Rocked a half marathon with her sister.
Jenn - Finished a half marathon.
Julie - Won her prediction race!!! 
Katie - Got in her first race of the year!
Kerri - Rang in the new year with a race.
Lesley - Set a new 15k PR.
Melissa - Ran a 10k!
Michelle - Ran a 15k (and beat her hubby...)
Pam - Ran a 5-miler.
Stephanie - Started the year with a 5k.
Traci - Ran a 5k, plus added on some miles pre-race for a distance PR!

Wow!  So many fantastic races this week. 

(Please note a few of the races happened earlier in the year, we post them the week we receive the links... so don't forget to e-mail us those links!!!)


Caroline said...

You forgot me! First half marathon!

Lesley @ said...

Shucks Caroline, I didn't have you written down... can you re-send your race report link to us and we'll get it posted in next week's re-cap??? Would NOT want to miss a first half!!!

Sherry @ Life from my persective said...

Congrats on the races everyone!!! We are off to a great start this first month. One more race weekend this month!!!

Caroline said...

I sent it again

Kim (Book Worm Runs) said...

Congrats on all the races!! There are a lot of 15k's...we don't have that race distance around here but I bet it would be a fun distance to race :) Keep up the great work!!

fancy nancy said...

Congrats everyone this week!!

Lesley @ said...

I think all the 15k were here in Dallas at Too Cold to Hold. It's a more popular distance here because it's 9.3 miles around White Rock Lake where the majority of our races are held.

Jenn said...

You Dallas runners have all kinds of cool races. I just found a 15k up here - the first I've ever seen.

MsSecAF said...

So many awesome runners!!

FruitFly said...

Wow! It looks like everybody is doing GREAT!! Congratulations to all. You're making me VERY ready to race next month!!