Thursday, February 24, 2011

Impressive Race Results!!!

Allie ran in a relay!!!

Angelia and Julian took home some bling!
Bobbie Race 1 Race2 ran a couple of races recently
Danielle rocked it!

Elizabeth rocked it NOLA style
Jason ran a great hilly and windy half!
Jess completed a tri

JoAnn ran a 10k!!
Kellie rocked it at RNR NOLA
Leslie ran another race!

Marcia Ran a 5k!!!
Sheridan ran a 5k!!!
Sherry ran another half marathon
Stephanie Ran RNR NOLA
Susan ran her first marathon!
Theresa ran a great race!

As always, you guys are amazing and put up some great race results! Make sure to email us as you write your posts so that we get them up on the weekly post!

1 comment:

Tri4Success said...

Great job everyone! First olympic tri for Jess, first marathon for Susan, and first duathlon for Angelia, plus some PR's sprinkled amongst the rest ..... great week!