Thursday, February 3, 2011

One month down and Eleven to go!

Bobbie ran a virtual race!
Caroline ran her first half marathon!!!
Casey Ran a 15k
Chris ran a 10k
Corina ran a half marathon! Check the size of her bling ;)
Crystal ran a TRI
Danielle Ran a 5k in the sand
Elaine set a new 15k PR!
Eva did the Goofy Challenge Race 1 Race 2
ran her first half marathon!
Jan ran a couple of races Race 1 Race 2
Jessica ran a TRI
Kathy PR'd on a half marathon
Kim ran a race in snowshoes!
Kristen ran a 5k!
Laura crossed the finish line first ;)
Lesley ran another half!
Melie ran a hard 10k
Michelle Ran Houston
Paula ran a virtual race!
Rose ran a virtual race!
Shannon completed a half marathon!
Sheri ran a virtual race!
Sherry set a new half PR
Stefano had a great race
Valerie ran a half marathon!
Victoria ran a 5k

Congrats again to everyone who completed their races. January was a busy month for all of us! By now, most of us should be 1 down and 11 to go! Please remember to email us when you have written your race report so that we can link it!


Caroline said...

ah thanks for the pic..that is so nice of you!

Lesley @ said...

You mean we're not supposed to be 4 down already???

Jan said...

Gonna be knocking out 5 races between Feb 6 and April 10th. I will be half way there in the RFTBOI Challenge after the April race!

Rose said...

Congrats everyone! Yay for virtual races. It looks like a ton of us are taking advantage of them!

bobbie said...

Yay for everyone!! Thanks for linking us:)

kilax said...

Great job everyone! I love reading all of your reports! Especially as I am trying to get pumped for my 11-miler this morning!

Kristen said...

Mine is listed as a 15k, but I only ran the 5k.

Black Knight said...

Great idea to post also the picture of a race.
Thanks for linking.