Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Quarter Over!!!

Allison rock-n-rolled this past weekend in Dallas!

Angie Rock-n-rolled!!

Brooke did a duathlon

Carly Ran the National Half Marathon Relay (and puked)

Christy ran the NYC Half Marathon

Darlene ran for her life at a 5k

Elizabeth ran the Fool's 50K

Hannah ran a new half marathon PR

James ran his first marathon

Jenn ran another half marathon!

Jennifer really enjoyed her race in TEXAS

Johann ran another half marathon

Julie ran her first 5k

Lesley finished the Cupcake Marathon and set a new PR at RNR Dallas

Meggan ran a 10 mile race on Ocean Drive

Michelle is hooked on trail running now!

Ros ran the Disney half a few weeks back and then hosted her own 5K

Shannon - Rocked her FIRST half marathon and completed her first virtual marathon

Shannon got lucky at her half marathon!

Shelley ran her first race after an injury

Sherry completed her 5th half marathon

Stephanie ran a 10k and the Cupcake Half Marathon

Susan ran the RNR Dallas Half!

Tara had a fabulous time at the NYC half marathon

Valerie completed a 5k , a half marathon and another 5k

Victoria ran a great race!

Hey all you racers!!! Great job on sending in the reports! I noticed that some of you commented last week that you did a race – PLEASE email the links to me at It’s too much work for me to have to track them down other places!!!

We are a quarter way into the challenge and y’all are really banging out the races it seems!!! GREAT JOB! Good Luck to everyone racing this coming weekend. It’s a rest weekend for me!


Kelly said...

Congratulations everyone! I feel a little behind since my first race isn't until Saturday. But I will make up for lost time in these next few months. In the meantime, its great to read everyone's reports.

Sherry @ Life from my persective said...

Don't worry Kelly - you will catch up in no time!

Richelle said...

Way to go everyone!

Stacey (aka Ultraprincess) said...

Keep up the good work All!

Terri said...

I did the Cupcake Marathon and Jeff's Virtual 5K, but forgot to e-mail you. I also did my first trail race - it was too cool! That was three races in March! Thanks for all of the inspiration. And, great job, everyone!

Jenn said...

I love all these race reports - thanks again for compiling all of them for us!!