Monday, March 28, 2011

Sorry it's late!

Hey guys! Sorry this is a few days late. I was under the weather and didn't have a chance to get it all together. This post will be everyone that made the Wednesday cutoff from last week. The ones sent in over the weekend will be up on Thursday like normal!

Bobbie ran a 3k and a 5k

Brooke was a warrior

Christine ran her first sub 2 hour half marathon

Cornia finished a hot, windy and sandy run!

Cristina ran a half

Crystal - hubby ran the half and she ran the 5k

Elaine did her first relay race

Elaine ran a virtual 13k

Erika ran a 4 miler

Erin did a non race

Erin ran a relay across Texas

Jill ran TWO half marathons FIRST ONE. and SECOND ONE

JoAnn ran an insane race

Johann ran a 50k

Kate ran a half marathon

Kim ran a 5 mile race

Lesley ran the Dash Down Greenville

Liz shook her shamrock

Marcia ran a 5k

Melissa ran the cupcake virtual marathon

Mike Ran a 15k

Monique ran an 8k

Nancy ran a Cupcake Marathon!!!

Nancy ran a half marathon

Richelle got lucky

Shannon ran her first virtual race

Shannon is getting a hang of these virtual races

Stefano ran a 10k and a 5k

Stephanie ran at the beach!

Tanya ran a PR for a 5k

TUTU Runner ran the farthest she ever has

Keep them coming guys!!! You are all rocking right through this challenge!!!


runnergirl training said...

Yay for all of the runners!! Great job everyone!

Disney_Casey said...

Kristen at runningwhat.blogspot completed her first half yesterday

ajh said...

I wish I had done this but I assume it is too late??? I have run a race each month so far.