Monday, June 27, 2011

Caught Up!

Alright folks, with this post, I have caught up on every e-mail in my Run For the Bling of It inbox.  So... if you don't see your race recap, or haven't seen it in a previous post, please don't forget to e-mail it in!!! 

Let's get down to the awesome runners and the races they conquered...

Jill ran the Parke County Half Marathon in torturous humidity!
Traci ran the Best Dam Run 10K in May and the Sunrise 8k In June.
Christy D got in a Mother’s Day 5k just before having emergency surgery for a kidney stone.  Get well Christy!!!
Stephanie ran the Komen 5k.
Christy C ran the Firefly 5k night race and the Dad’s Fest 5k!
Carly ran her first trail race (and met Dean Karnazes – JEALOUS!!!).
Lauren ran the Soldier Field 10 Miler!
Fancy Nancy completed three 5ks!!!  (HERE and HERE)
I (Lesley) ran the San Diego RnR Marathon and also recapped a race from April (oops!).
Melie was also in San Diego running the half!
Melissa completed her first half Ironman!  Wow.  Congrats!
Darlene completed a Women’s Run and her 12th race – a 5k in the rain!
Susan ran a 5k with her 7-year-old son.
Caroline ran a 10k!  (recap and photos)
Jess did her first race 8 weeks after an injury.
Nora ran a 20-mile Race a half marathon, and her FIRST marathon!  Congrats Nora!
Stefano ran the Run for the Acorp!
Jill ran her 10th race and 11th race – one more to complete the challenge!!!
Christina ran a hot local 5k!
Nora also did a 5k (oops, missed this one in the list above… Nora has been busy)!!!
Sunny ran the Bay to Breakers 12k and Fremont 5k.
Laurie ran a 50k!!!  (Part 1 and Part 2)
Sara ran a June marathon and has a belated report from a March half marathon!
Kim ran the Ragnar relay as her 11th race.  Super fun!
Richelle ran a 10k and placed in her age group.  Congrats!
Allison ran (and swam and biked) the Metroplex Sprint Tri!
Christy got a huge PR at her 7th race of the year.
Angelia and Julian posted four recaps – American Heroes, Mesquite Rodeo Ride, Kids Tri, and Try the Tri.
Savitre ran the 13.1 in Chicago (I heard about that heat… yuck!).
Linzi just ran her second half marathon and shaved 42 minutes off her time!  WOW!!!
Hannah pulled off a PR in a Virtual 5k!
Crystal also ran a virtual 5k!
Tiffany has already raced 10 races this year!

Shew!!!  Tons of racing going on!  So glad to be caught up with your reports.  Now go clickety click and support your fellow bloggy racers!  Congrats everyone on some awesome races and race reports.


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Great job! thank you for doing all this work!!!

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