Thursday, June 9, 2011

Playing Catch Up!!!

Please forgive us... we have gotten way behind on posting your race reports. Sherry was attempting to pick up my slack while I tried to get through the remainder of the school year and marathon training, but then was surprised by the amazing news of her pregnancy... which, as all of us who have gone through it know, can be exhausting. So basically... we were busy/tired/crazy/pre-occupied etc and got behind. But it's summer, my marathon is over... and I am going to try to get us back on track with this blog. ;-)

With that said, there are a TON of race reports to post. I am going to do my best to post them in order that I received them via e-mail, and they won't all make it into one post. If after a week or so of playing catch up, you see I've missed a race report, just send me another e-mail with the link, and I'll try to get it posted for you!

Melie got in her 7th race of the year
Billie completed a really unique Survival Challenge
Ronda got in a Quarter Marathon
Julian & Connor (age 9 and 4) completed a Triathlon
     (these are my nephews, so go give them some shouts)
Angelia got it 48 biking miles on BikeMS
Darlene grabbed a 5k PR
Susan raced a Mother's Day 5k
Savitre travelled to Dallas for the Rock n Roll Half
Nora ran her first ever Trail Run
Kristen completed a 5k, Virtual 5k, and her Second Half Marathon
Richelle completed the Cool Kids Virtual Marathon
And blogger is being VERY temperamental, so that's all for right now. I'll try to catch up on more later. (It's not letting me link the other races I had in this post... oh well, we'll get it up soon!!!) Even though some of these reports are older, go visit some new blogs and show your support for all the racing going on!!!
And just in case you missed Sherry and I while we fell woefully behind on this blog... here we are on the beach in San Diego a few days ago (before Rock n Roll San Diego).

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