Friday, June 17, 2011

Some More Crazy Race Recaps!

I'm still catching up!  I promise, I will get to all the race reports.  I'm through all the e-mails for May with these recaps, and I'll be getting on the June e-mails soon!  Keep sending them in when you complete them.  I'm just going through the e-mails one at a time from the bottom up.  I love getting through these e-mails and knowing I'm not the only crazy race-addict!!!  There are some really amazing recaps in here, so get out there, read them, and support your fellow racing bloggers!  (Yes, I like the exclamation point!) 

Let's get right to it...

Darlene ran a 3.5 mile corporate challenge.

TutuRunner completed her May race (Part 1, Part 2)

JoAnn accomplished a long-time goal of becoming a triathlete!!! 
Kim completed her 6th race by doing a duathlon with her hubby!

Tanya had a lot to report for May… three 5ks, two with age group awards! (Race 8 & 9, Race 10)
Jill completed her 10th race of the year.
Danielle rocked a PR and a 2nd place AG award!
Darlene had a great 5k race.
Lesley (me) ran a 3rd half marathon in 15 days.
Carly ran a Warrior Dash!!!  (Recap and the Photos)
Sarah ran her first half!!!  (In my hometown, I might add.  ;-)  )
Stefano ran the Race for the Cure.
Elizabeth ran Big Sur!!!  (Jealous… definitely on my bucket list of races!)
Andrea had a ton of May races to report!  (A half marathon, a tribute race, a 5k, another 5k, and a marathon relay.)
Richelle ran the Stillwater 10k!
Nancy ran a Virtual Marathon!
Kim completed her 4th race of the year with a team duathlon.

More reports coming soon!!!!!

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